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    In the midst of our busy lives, we sometimes overlook the sounds of the tiny pitter-patter of feet throughout our home; or we tend to wipe away those precious sticky handprints from the windows and the walls.

   Growing so quickly are these tiny fingers and toes, hands and feet, and before we know it, they aren't so tiny anymore. As parents we try to keep these sacred days close to our hearts - by holding our little ones hands in ours, and desperately seeking ways to slow down time. To take it all in.

   Let these precious fleeting memories be the unforgettable kind; the permanent kind pressed upon your heart. I know we can't stop time; but at Prints in Clay, we capture a moment in time creating a uniquely crafted, beautifully preserved ceramic impression. This treasured heirloom will be one you can feel and look upon for years to come.
   May these prints be a sweet reminder of when they were once so little.
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"O Lord, thou art our Father, we are the clay, and thou our Potter, and we all are the work of Thy hand." Isaiah 64:8



Located in Celina and serving the Dallas/Ft. Worth and surrounding area

Impressions created by Jamie
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