Classic Individual Child Plate (hand or feet)
Single Impression - $65
Double Impression - $75
Quad Impression - $120                       

Classic Sibling Plate
Double Sibling Impression - $90
Triple Sibling Impression - $115
Quad Sibling Impression - $130
5 Sibling Impressions - $145
*Add $5 to each additional overlay print

Classic Ornaments (hand or foot)
Newborn to 3 years - $45
4 to 6 years - $50
7 and up - $55

Jewelry Dish (hand only)
Single Round Jewelry Dish (Newborn to 6 months) - $55   
Single Square Jewelry Dish (7 months to 3 years - age restrictions apply) - $55 
Double Sibling Jewelry Dish (age restrictions apply) - $75

Triple Sibling Jewelry Dish (age restrictions apply) - $105

Thumbprint/Fingerprint Necklace - $35
*Add $15 for each charm print

Holiday Ornaments
Prices & Ornaments Vary - $55 - $85

Edging - Scalloped, Wavy or Dotted, add $5
Painted Edging, add $10
Picture Circle Cutout, add $10
Wall Hook, add $2
Plate Holder Sml, add $5
Plate Holder Lrg, add $6

- All ceramic impression plates include child's first name and date, year or age stamped, and ribbon at no additional cost.  Complete names such as child's middle or last name will have a small additional fee.  
- Listed above are beginning prices for my Classic Plate Collection. When choosing your child's plates; prices might vary according to the size, style and shape of plate design chosen.
- Certain plates and ornaments do have an age limit, and some Designer Plates may not be available for older children.
- Prices may be subject to change for custom orders, older children, and sibling’s plates. Please inquire if you have any questions.                                                                         

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