Classic Individual Child Plate (hand or feet)
Single Impression - $45
Double Impression - $55
Quad Impression - $110                       
Classic Sibling Plate
Double Sibling Impression - $70
Triple Sibling Impression - $90
Quad Sibling Impression - $120
*Add $5 to each additional overlay print
Classic Ornaments
Newborn to 4 years - $35
5 years and up - $40 - $45
Jewelry Dish
Single Round Jewelry Dish (Newborn to 6 months) - $40   
Single Square Jewelry Dish (7 months to 3 years - age restrictions apply) - $45 
Double Sibling Jewelry Dish (age restrictions apply) - $65
Triple Sibling Jewelry Dish (age restrictions apply) - $85
Thumbprint/Fingerprint Necklace - $25              
*Add $10 for each charm print
Holiday Ornaments
Prices & Ornaments Vary - $40 - $65
Edging - Scalloped, Wavy or Dotted, add $5
Painted Edging, add $10
Picture Circle Cutout, add $5
- All ceramic impression plates include child's first name and date, year or age stamped, and ribbon at no additional cost. 
- Listed above are beginning prices for my Classic Plate Collection. When choosing your child's plate; prices might vary according to size, style and shape of plate chosen.
- Certain plates and ornaments do have an age limit, and some Designer Plates may not be available for older children.
- Prices may be subject to change for older children, sibling’s plates and/or special request plates.                                                                        

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