1. How can I purchase a Prints in Clay ceramic impression?
Prints in Clay is a home-based business located in Celina, TX and serves the Dallas/Ft. Worth and surrounding area. Impressions are done by appointment only and can be made by calling my studio at
469-271-5514, or by emailing me at printsinclay@gmail.com.

2. How long can I expect our appointment to be?
Each appointment lasts between 15-20 minutes for a single child impression. For multiple children, please expect to be here between 30-45 minutes. The lengthiest part of your appointment is selecting your plate design, choosing the color for your impressions and then selecting your font option. The impressions themselves are only a few quick minutes. Once payment is made and impressions are captured, your appointment is finished. Please allow additional time for multiple orders and/or siblings.


3. What if I can't decide?
If you can't decide and need help in your selection process, I'd be more than happy to share with you my thoughts on colors, designs and what seems to look the most pleasing when put together side by side. I have created hundreds of beautiful pieces of art over the years and have seen some stunning colors laid out. Whether you're looking for a more traditional classic plate, a soft & gentle feel, or a bold & playful design, let me pass this helpful insight along to you!

4. What can we do before we arrive?
I recommend that your little one be rested and lightly fed prior to their appointment, to make them comfortable during prints. Please dress them so that we can get the best hand and foot impression possible. I offer a sitting area for feeding if baby needs calming, and a changing pad to help keep them dry. I also have a play area for your little ones & their siblings in between the appointment. 


5. Are your products safe for infants or children?
Yes, absolutely! I use a very soft organic, non-toxic, high quality, local clay that is safe for your child's hands and feet.


6. What should we expect during our visit?
After selecting your pieces in my studio, and filling out your order form, we will then start the imprint process. I know how important it is to keep germs at bay, before we begin I sterilize my hands with a hand sanitizer. I will ask that you hold your little one securely while I carefully and gently press your child's prints into the prepared clay. In just a quick moment we will have created a detailed impression of their hands and feet. When finished, I offer fragrance-free wipes to clean your baby's hands and feet and remove any remaining clay residue. I will spend the next 6 weeks working on customizing your items and completing your order.

7. Will I get my prints back the same day? Or when should I receive my child's impressions back?
Due to the great care and time I put into each ceramic impression, typically orders will take approximately 6 weeks to complete. Keep this in mind when scheduling an appt and wishing to have an order ready in time for gift giving. Please allow an additional 2 weeks during the busy holidays. Once your plate is ready, I will contact you to schedule a pick-up time back at the studio where impressions were captured.

8. Will my impressions look exactly the same as the samples?
Please know that I put many laboring hours of love into each piece. I take great pride and care in my work, spending extra time to ensure that what you see in my studio is the same as what you take home. However, each plate is uniquely crafted, hand cut & sculpted, hand painted and truly one of a kind, just like the sweet prints themselves. Some glaze colors may have slight variances to them, being lighter or darker in shade than the sample shows. Some plates may vary in design as a result of being adjusted to accommodate your child's prints. 

9. What if the impression is damaged during production?
Ceramic is very delicate, and sometimes unpredictable. In the rare and unfortunate event that your impression has an imperfection caused by clay or glaze variances, kiln misfires or breakage, I will notify you right away and fix or replace it at no additional fee to you. I know how fast your little one grows, and I want to be sure to capture the reprint as early as possible.

10. Do you offer group/home parties or play dates?
Unfortunately at this time I do not offer home parties or group play dates. Once my schedule becomes more flexible I will update my website. 

11. Do you have gift certificates available for purchase?
Absolutely! Please give me a call and we can put together a gift certificate of any amount. I can either have it saved here on file for the receiver when they are ready to redeem it, or I can mail it out for you to the gift recipient.  Purchasing a gift certificate is the best way to give expecting parents, new grandparents, a family member, friend, or co-worker a unique and treasured gift. They will forever thank you for it!

12. What forms of payment do you accept?
I am happily accepting cash and checks. Payment is due at the time of your appointment. Please know tax will be included on your final total. I do accept all major credit cards with a small handling fee, should you choose to pay with a credit card.

Capturing your little ones impressions
Details of your plate once it has been cut and designed
Your beautiful keepsake fired, glazed and completed

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